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EV Star
*All passenger mode is offering optional ADA equipment
  • Classification:Heavy-Duty class 4
  • GVWR:14,330 lbs.
  • Carrying Capacity:Up to 4,331 lbs
  • Length:25 ft
  • Width:79.5 inches
  • Charging:Dual (AC / DC)
    Level-2, J1772, 11 kW, 8 hrs
    DCFC, CCS-1, 61kW, 2 hrs
    Wireless DC, 55 kW, 2.5 hrs
  • Seating Configurations:Front Facing, ADA , perimeter
  • Max Seating Capacity:19 FF / 21 Perimeter
  • Rear Cargo Capacity:102 cubic feet * only for cargo
  • Range:Up to 150 miles
  • Fuel Economy:43 MPGE
  • Motor Power:150 kW max
  • Transmission:None / Direct Drive
  • Altoona Certified:Yes
  • CARB Certified:Yes
  • Battery Capacity:118 kWh
  • Battery Chemistry:LiFePo4
  • Voltage:576 V
  • Tires:205/75R 17.5
  • Emergency Exits:Hatch, window, door
  • HVAC:Electrical, front, rear
  • HVAC BTU:39,239
  • Wheelbase:170 inches
  • Approach:14.7 degrees
  • Design Life:10 years
  • Frame / Body / Roof:Steel
  • Vehicle Communication:CAN Bus
  • Passenger Door:Electric (Plug)
  • Luggage Cargo:Rear cargo, luggage rack
  • ADA Lift:Side or rear options
  • Buy America:Yes
  • Voucher Incentives (subject to availability):California HVIP
    New York VIP
EV Star by GreenPower Motor


The EV Star is a multi-purpose, zero-emission, min-E Bus. It has a range of up to 150 miles and offers dual charging capabilities as a standard feature. The EV Star can be used for para-transit, employee shuttles, micro-transit, and vanpool service. The seating layout is customizable to an operator’s needs with multiple configurations and ADA positions. The EV Star is the only Buy America compliant and Altoona tested vehicle in its class with the highest score of 92.2. The EV Star chassis is the base chassis for the entire EV Star product line.