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CARES ACT Funding Amounts

  • Urbanized Area Formula Program: $22.7 Billion
  • Formula Grants for Rural Areas: $2.2 Billion (includes $30 million for Tribal Transit Formula)
  • Administration & Oversight: $75 Million

Eligible Expenses

ALL activities normally eligible under the Urbanized Area and Rural Area formula programs are eligible for CARES Act funding, including:

  • Capital – Rolling Stock Purchases, Equipment Purchases, etc.
  • Planning
  • Operating
  • All recipients are eligible for funding beginning January 20, 2020
  • Includes all FTA recipients; rural area, small urban, and large urban transit systems.

Funding Features

  • 100% federal share for all projects funded by CARES Act
  • Funds are available until expended
  • No lapse date
  • Recipients are encouraged to use funds expeditiously
  • Inner City bus requirements apply

Exceptions to Normal Requirements

Some capital expenses do not need to be in a TIP/STIP or long-range transportation plan

  • Bus replacement does not need to be in the TIP/STIP
  • Fleet expansion needs to be in the TIP/STIP


ProgramFY 2020CARES ActTotal
Urban Formula (5307)$4.93 BILLION$13.79 BILLION$18.72 BILLION
Rural Formula (5311)$713 MILLION$2.0 BILLION$2.71 BILLION
SOGR Formula (5337)$2.68 BILLION$7.51 BILLION$10.19 BILLION
G / HD States Formula (5340)$610 MILLION $1.71 BILLION$2.32 BILLION

For more information on funding, please contact our grants and contracts specialists at:
(909) 308-0967 or michael@greenpowermotor.com.