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GreenPower Motor Company began in 2010 with the vision to advance the adoption of EVs by making battery-electric buses and trucks affordable, durable, and easy to deploy. GreenPower offers commercial vehicles for delivery, public transit, schools, vanpools, micro-transit, shuttles, and more. Our battery electric buses can perform almost any route their fossil fuel burning competitors are able to, but with a much quieter and more efficient ride. GreenPower’s corporate headquarters is located in Vancouver, Canada. We have a sales and administration office in Rancho Cucamonga, CA; US assembly takes place in Porterville, CA (San Joaquin Valley).

“The GreenPower chassis has been engineered to be the strongest, safest, and most durable product on the market”.
- Brendan Riley, GreenPower Motor President & Director


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GreenPower’s vehicles are built from the ground up to be electric and are never converted. This ‘clean sheet’ design ensures a safe, durable, and reliable form of transportation. It allows for optimal placement of the battery and propulsion systems, increasing the overall vehicle strength and significantly enhancing the battery weight distribution compared to other electric vehicles. The GreenPower chassis is designed to be the strongest, safest, and most durable product on the market. 

GreenPower designs, builds, markets, and supports electric vehicles that not only meet the operational demands of transporting goods and passengers; GreenPower vehicles do so with unmatched safety and efficiency. GreenPower vehicles use SAE J1772, standard charging with industry-best charging rates for both level 2 and the DC fast charging and we also offer wireless charging on the EV Star family of vehicles for operator-free driving overcharging. 



In 2014 GreenPower launched its first purpose-built, battery-electric bus, the EV350, a 40-foot transit bus. GreenPower received its first order in 2017 for ten EV350s for the city of Porterville, California. The city of Porterville was awarded $9.5 million to be the first transit system with the extensive deployment of all-electric transit buses in the United States from the highly competitive Zero-Emission Truck and Bus Pilot Program administered by the California Air Resource Board (CARB).

After successfully developing the EV350, 40-foot battery electric bus, and the EV250, 30-foot battery electric bus, GreenPower set its sights on developing two new purpose-built electric vehicles that would be the first of their kind in the market: the versatile 25-foot EV Star and the innovative BEAST Electric School Bus. Beginning development in 2017, the EV Star quickly became GreenPower’s flagship model because of its multi-utility, ground-breaking features, and reliability. In fact, the EV Star is the first purpose-built, all-electric medium-duty vehicle available to paratransit, micro-transit, executive shuttle, vanpool, and cargo delivery markets. Capable of a class-leading range of 150 miles, the versatile EV Star features configurations that include a capacity of up to 19 passengers, ADA wheelchair provisions, and even cargo delivery setups. With full FTA compliance that includes “Buy America” and the rigorous Altoona Bus Testing, GreenPower is leveraging strong demand for the EV Star that is expected to grow in the upcoming year with a national-focused strategy.

The same successful recipe was used to develop a new Battery Electric Automotive School Transportation, better known as The BEAST, North America’s first purpose-built electric Type-D school bus. Developed to last more than 20 years, the BEAST’s pioneering features include a clean-sheet design, a monocoque body, and a range of 100 miles. A significant milestone was achieved in 2019 when the first BEAST buses were delivered to the Rialto Unified School District after receiving the arduous 292 certifications from the California Highway Patrol.

In 2020, GreenPower introduced the EV Star Cab & Chassis, bare cab and chassis. This is the nation’s first purpose-built, class 4 battery-electric cab, and chassis. This platform is not only for the GreenPower EV Star Mobility Plus, an all-aluminum body minibus, but it’s also the perfect platform for bus, truck, and vocational vehicle builders to place their bodies on. This new, groundbreaking platform places GreenPower in an OEM class of its own.

“The EV Star is the first purpose-built, all-electric medium-duty vehicle available to paratransit, micro-transit, executive shuttle, vanpool, and cargo delivery markets.”
– Brendan Riley, GreenPower Motors President & Director




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