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Transport Canada – Incentives for Medium and Heavy duty zero emission vehicle (iMHZEV)

On July 11, 2022 the Canadian government through Transport Canada announced $547.5M of funding over four years (or until available funding is exhausted) for the Incentives for Medium- and Heavy-Duty Zero-Emission Vehicles (iMHZEV) Program.

The iMHZEV Program offers Canadian organizations (for profit and non-profit), provinces, territories and municipalities, incentives at the point of sale when an eligible vehicle is purchased/leased but only for those listed on the iMHZEV Program’s list of eligible vehicles are eligible for an incentive.

The Purchaser or owner of the eligible vehicle is limited to 10 vouchers per calendar year.

Eligible GreenPower Vehicles Include:

Eligible vehicles under the program with the amount of the incentive:
Model YearModelTrimVehicle ClassVehicle TypeBattery SizeIncentive
2022EV StarMAX4Mini Van11875000
2022EV StarSide ADA4Mini Van11875000
2022EV StarSide ADA4Mini Van11875000
2022EV StarVIP4Mini Van11875000
2022EV Star Cargo22′4Cargo Van11875000
2022EV Star Cargo25′4Cargo Van11875000
2022EV Star Cargo Plus4Truck11875000
2022EV Star CCBTMS4Chassis Cab11875000
2022EV Star CCNo BTMS4Chassis Cab11875000
2022EV Star PlusMAX4Cutaway Mini Van11875000
2022EV Star PlusADA4Cutaway Mini Van11875000


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