The GreenPower Effect – Making the Switch to Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles

GreenPower Motor Company’s vision has always centered around the advancement and adoption of EVs by making battery-electric buses and trucks affordable, durable, and easy for customers to deploy. We are proud to be a zero-emissions electric bus manufacturer that offers electric vehicles ranging from transit buses to vans. GreenPower fits most transportation needs. We are satisfied knowing that we are not harming the earth or the people around us.  Electric vehicles are becoming more popular; therefore, they are more affordable now than ten years ago. As that continues to grow, we want to create an impact on the world around us and move towards a more sustainable future. GreenPower has exhibited a positive effect on the people we’ve come across during tours and tradeshows. The vision and values we promote have greatly influenced our clients into joining us. In doing so, they benefit both the environment and themselves.

We are proud to say that GreenPower has inspired clients into making the switch to electric vehicles. One client had invested in stock and profited from their increase in the share price. Using their profit, the client purchased a Kona EV, converting to a more durable and sustainable lifestyle. This shift in one’s life carries many rewards, from mitigating climate change contributions to saving on fuel costs. Our company created a positive lifestyle for someone. This will be highly beneficial to their life and it can even encourage others around to move in the same direction and possibly purchase their electric vehicle. Our clients recognize our values and why we do what we do. By joining us, they contribute to a cleaner environment and cultivate a healthier life. Who doesn’t like the sound of that?

As we continue to grow and come across more people, we carry on with sharing why we choose to be an electric vehicle manufacturer. We are proud to say that our company convinced another client into making a similar life decision. The client was convinced that now more than ever was the time for them to purchase an electric vehicle for their personal use. The client was in the process of obtaining one of our vehicles for their company and loved all the benefits that come with an EV, so they decided they needed one for themselves. That client just became a part of the solution. Stories like these make us proud to be a part of a company that is working hard to save our planet. It creates a push for more sales of electric vehicles resulting in more affordable pricing.

This is only the beginning for GreenPower. We are very excited about the future and the lives we will impact as we continue to be a part of the solution. We are only given one earth, so it’s important to do what we can to take care of it and create a livable environment for everyone. Our mission is to create products that are reliable, affordable, and easy to deploy. Hearing stories of how our vehicles have impacted people shows that GreenPower Motor Company is more than just an electric vehicle manufacturer; it’s a lifestyle.

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