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New Executive Order can Significantly Impact California’s Climate

New Executive Order can Significantly Impact California’s Climate


When you tell someone about California, they probably picture the pretty beaches, the lovely places to eat, and the nice weather. However, California natives will probably comment on how the beauty of our cities is blocked by smog. We notice it when we sit in our cars stuck in traffic. We gaze up at what is supposed to be a beautiful view of our cities only to find it shrouded in a grayish-brown cloud that can be seen from miles away.

California has the largest population in the country of 39.51 million people. It’s a given that a larger population will have more traffic, which leads to dirty smog. California’s transportation sector is responsible for more than half of all the carbon pollution which breaks into 80% smog, forming pollution, and 95% of toxic diesel emissions. What if there was a way for your commute to stop hurting the air quality, but rather improve it?

This past September, Governor Newsom issued an executive order requiring the sale of zero-emission passenger vehicles by 2035. Newsom wants to push the state of California farther away from its contribution to climate change. Additionally, the California Air Resources Board will mandate that 100% of in-state sales of new passenger cars and trucks are zero-emissions by 2035. These efforts will achieve a 35% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions as well as an 80% improvement in Nitrogen Oxide emissions from cars statewide.

Between now and 2035, California will need to implement structural changes by installing more charging stations and infrastructure to support the new electric vehicles. This 15-year runway gives state agencies and private sector organizations adequate time to deploy the necessary infrastructure and charging options. By then, zero-emission vehicles will be more affordable because as the demand for EVs increases, more companies will compete for the best price. Prices have already begun to decrease in recent years due to the rising demand.

Although electric vehicles are more common now than ever, there are still three times as many gasoline-powered vehicles on the road. California will be the first state leading the nation in this effort to phase-out gasoline-powered cars and minimize the pollution that plagues our communities.

GreenPower stands with Governor Newsom’s order. Large communities such as Los Angeles and Central Valley live and see some of the most toxic air in the country. With our office and production team located in California, the pollution crisis is acutely visible in our lives. We refuse to allow our communities and our children to continue breathing these unhealthy toxins.

We need to view this change as something that can have a major impact on everyone. Essentially it can lead more states to follow in California’s steps which benefits everyone. This historic moment of positive change encourages GreenPower to continue doing the work that we do, with the knowledge that others share our values and vision for a greener, more livable future.