GreenPower Launches Round 3 of All-Electric School Bus Pilot Project in Four New School Districts in West Virginia

Wyoming School bus, Beast, GreenPower

South Charleston, West Virginia, January 9, 2023 – GreenPower Motor Company Inc. (NASDAQ: GP) (TSXV: GPV) (“GreenPower”), a leading manufacturer and distributor of zero-emission, electric-powered, medium and heavy-duty vehicles, today announced the launch of Round 3 of its pilot project to demonstrate all-electric school buses in West Virginia. Boone, McDowell and Raleigh counties will deploy the all-electric Type D BEAST school bus while Wyoming County will use the award-winning Type A Nano BEAST school bus.

“Round 3 of the West Virginia electric school bus pilot project that GreenPower is conducting with the state of West Virginia continues to be a true real-world, all-electric school bus application,” said GreenPower CEO and Chairman Fraser Atkinson. “The data collected is helping school districts understand more about the deployment of electric school buses, charging infrastructures, training and other critical elements as those schools look to include electric school buses in their fleets on a permanent basis.”

The preliminary data and results from rounds 1 and 2 of the pilot project show that the GreenPower BEAST and Nano BEAST are performing as expected with an overall performance rating of excellent and a battery consumption ranging from 1.1 to 1.5 miles per each percent of State of Charge. The pilots show that when fully utilizing level 2 chargers, the BEAST and Nano BEAST provide a school district a range of 200 to 250 miles per day.

The third round of the pilot project will focus on more rural roads, colder temperatures and snowy conditions to show how the buses handle winter conditions.

“Demonstrations in real-world scenarios are critical for both GreenPower and school districts looking to implement electric vehicles into their existing fleets,” said Atkinson. “As the pilot project continues, the BEAST and Nano BEAST will be used on different terrains and weather conditions on both city and rural routes to allow the results to be holistic of the overall performance that can be expected in differing environments.”

Boone, McDowell, Raleigh and Wyoming County School Districts Press Conferences and All-Electric School Bus Deployment
This week, each of the counties participating in Round 3 of the pilot project will hold a press conference to explain the school districts’ participation, discuss electrifying their school bus fleet and review the health and safety benefits for children and the community. This coincides with training being conducted for first responders, drivers and mechanics as well as the first deployment of the all-electric bus in the county. Media are invited and encouraged to attend the press conference and first deployment activities.

McDowell County

“We are looking forward to piloting GreenPower’s all-electric school bus in McDowell County for the next 6 weeks, reshaping the way students get to and from school as part of Round 3 of the state pilot project,” said Carolyn Falin, superintendent of McDowell County Schools. “Providing the best education to our students is our number one priority. We are excited to learn more about how we could possibly incorporate electric buses into our transportation fleet.”

Press Conference: Mon., Jan. 9 at 10 a.m. ET at 1278 Virginia Ave., Welch, West Virginia

First Deployment of GreenPower Electric BEAST School Bus: Tues., Jan. 10 at 5:45 a.m. ET at 1278 Virginia Ave., Welch, West Virginia

Beast school bus, West Virginia
McDowell County Schools taking delivery of a GreenPower BEAST all-electric purpose-built school bus. Adam Grygiel, Director of Transportation; Mike Callaway, Board of Education President; Georgia West, Board of Education Vice President; Amanda Peyton, Assistant Superintendent and GreenPower Motor Vice President Mark Nestlen.

Wyoming County

“Wyoming County Schools is proud to be one of several school districts in the state to use an electric school bus in its fleet,” said Deirdre Cline, superintendent of Wyoming County Schools. “Our commitment to our students is to provide them with the best education and give them the opportunity to learn and grow, not just as students, but as members of our community. We are excited to participate in this program with GreenPower and look forward to making a ride on an electric school bus a part of our students’ daily lives.”

Press Conference: Tues., Jan. 10 at 11 a.m. ET at 155 Park St., Pineville, West Virginia

First Deployment of GreenPower Electric Nano BEAST School Bus: Fri., Jan. 13 at 6:50 a.m. ET at 414 Pinnacle Ave., Pineville, West Virginia

Wyoming School bus, Beast, GreenPower
Wyoming County Schools bus driver Heather Rocchi and Jeff Hylton, Director of Safety and Transportation, take delivery of GreenPower’s all-electric Type A Nano BEAST school bus from and GreenPower Vice President Mark Nestlen.

Raleigh County

“We are happy for Raleigh County Schools to partner with GreenPower Motor Company and the state of West Virginia to pilot electric school buses,” said David Price, superintendent of Raleigh County Schools. “We look forward to exploring the benefits of this program.”

Press Conference: Wed., Jan. 11 at 11:30 a.m. ET at 151 Cranston St., Beckley, West Virginia

First Deployment of GreenPower Electric BEAST School Bus: Thurs., Jan. 12 at 5:30 a.m. ET at 151 Cranston St., Beckley, West Virginia

Raleigh County Schools
Raleigh County Schools Director of Transportation Gary Daniel takes delivery of a GreenPower all-electric BEAST school bus. Joining him are West Virginia Delegate Chris Toney and GreenPower Vice President Mark Nestlen.

Boone County

“We are excited for our students to have the opportunity to experience riding an all-electric school bus from GreenPower Motor Company,” said Matt Riggs, superintendent of Boone County Public Schools. “Our participation through this pilot project for the next six weeks will allow us to assess how to best incorporate all-electric buses into our fleet.”

Press Conference: Thurs., Jan. 12 at 11:30 a.m. ET at 42 Ballard Hollow Rd., Foster, West Virginia

First Deployment of GreenPower Electric BEAST School Bus: Thurs., Jan. 12 at 2:45 p.m. ET at 404 Riverside Dr., Madison, West Virginia

Boone County Schools
Tony Tagliente, Assistant Superintendent; Brian Linville, Director of Transportation; Superintendent Matt Riggs and GreenPower’s Vice President Mark Nestlen as GreenPower’s Type D all-electric BEAST is delivered to Boone County for the pilot project.

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