Looking for a sustainable way to commute that can also ease your nerves?

Driving to work

What comes to mind when you think about driving to work? It’s no secret that driving to and from work can be one of the least pleasurable parts of the day. It becomes even more dreadful when you think about the cost of gas, the hours spent sitting in traffic, and the wear and tear inflicted on your car. Some people suffer from anxiety when driving making it very stressful to think about the commute resulting in distractions at work. No one enjoys having a hard time focusing and having half their effort reflect in their work all because their mind is pinned on a drive. Thankfully, there are alternative ways to travel that may benefit your sanity, your bank account, and even your health.

If you are looking for a sustainable way to travel that can also ease your nerves, consider carpooling or vanpooling. Carpooling is a service in which two or more people share a vehicle to and from work or for leisure. Vanpooling usually involves 7-15 people in a van or minibus. These services can be set up by the commuters themselves or coordinated through the company. It’s your preference for which option brings you the most comfort. Commuters who participate in carpooling or vanpooling save time, money, and the environment. By choosing either of these services, you can reduce the number of vehicles on the road and the composite number of miles traveled. Fewer vehicles on the road equals less traffic, thus decreasing your commute time. Less time on the road ensures that you are getting to your destination in time and reduces any fear that you are running late or behind schedule. It allows you to relax a little before your workday starts and even check on any emails or messages that you are unable to open while driving. Vehicle emissions will also be significantly reduced, therefore improving overall air quality. Places with more traffic tend to produce poorer air quality, which is a problem that GreenPower refuses to perpetuate.

It is a well-known fact that driving in hectic traffic can increase stress. No one wants to show up for work as such because it can lead to a difficult time getting things done. Since traffic tends to fluctuate due to accidents, it’s hard to predict what kind of traffic you’ll encounter. If more people opted for carpooling or vanpooling services, it would significantly lessen driving anxiety by decreasing time spent behind the wheel. Did someone say the drive to work can now be more enjoyable? Yes!

By choosing a more sustainable way to travel, you can reduce the emission of ground-level ozone, which is the main constituent of smog. This emission reduction is vital to our environment and is the next step we need to take towards combatting climate change. More people would probably prefer to breathe in better air and this can be achieved while saving as well. Sounds like a win-win!

GreenPower manufactures vehicles conducive to vanpooling services. Our EV Star and EV Star Plus can offer the most comfortable of rides while helping with the elimination of greenhouse gases. We are proud to have amazing partners that use our EV Stars and contribute to making a positive environmental impact while serving transportation needs. Companies use our EV Stars and offer vanpooling services as well as employee shuttles. We hope that if you are someone who is searching for an alternative way of commuting that will levitate stress and significantly help the environment, you look into carpooling or vanpooling for those transportation needs.



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