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Lisa McGhee, GreenPower Motor

Lisa McGhee

Business Development Manager

Lisa McGhee is responsible for new business opportunities, expanding the brand presence, and supporting EV policies.

For over a decade, Lisa worked as an operations manager with an airport transportation facility where she led the company’s transition to Fleet Electrification in 2015. She has a strong background in commercial fleet operations with experience in EV fleet technology, policies, commercial rate design where she managed a transportation team of 40. Lisa also maintains her commercial bus driver’s license. She rounds out the GP team of EV experts with her passion in advocacy work at the State of California that has helped shape EV Policies. Lisa achieved two awards for installing EV infrastructure and won a waiver for demand rates for small commercial EV fleet customers. She continues to participate in regulatory proceedings to ensure EV rates & Policies for MHD commercial use cases are a benefit. Lisa’s EV experience and insight is instrumental in assisting fleets with their EV transition.

M: 909-681-7759
O: 909-257-6168, ext. 419
E: lisa@greenpowermotor.com