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Priyanker Balekai

Priyankar Balekai

Vice President of Global Trucks

Priyankar Balekai is the Vice President of Global Trucks at EA Green-Power Pvt. Ltd. and GreenPower. Priyanker has over 25 years of experience in the commercial vehicle space focused on complete EV architecture, powertrain, vehicle integration and business development.

Previously, he has held various leadership roles in different automotive organization. He joined the initial executive team at XOS trucks as the Chief Product Officer where he helped shape the product architecture and overall product strategy. He also was Director of Product development of EV Trucks at BYD and was responsible for the launch of various products for medium duty and heavy-duty vehicle platforms in North America. At Navistar Truck and Engine he served as Director of Product Strategy, Director of Business Operations and Chief engineer. Priyankar has a Mechanical Engineering degree from Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago.